Monday, April 28, 2008

Archive: Office as Home

The table in Daniel Rozensztroch's office reflects the dual nature of the space, and is used for both meetings and for brunch or dinner gatherings with friends.

Left: Simple galvanized metal industrial shelving runs along a long wall, keeping office clutter to a minimum. Right: The shelves are lit with basic lighting fixtures.

Left: The salon corner has two red plastic chairs, inner springs visible, by Ennemlaghi. The lamps are by Castiglioni. Right: To close the office, Rozensztroch installed a sliding door made of large sheets of galvanized metal.

Left: In the small kitchen, the metal refrigerator by Gorenje contributes to the industrial atmosphere. Right: The trolley by the kitchen sink was originally used in a garage.

Left: Rozensztroch's simple office area looks out onto the entire warehouse space. The desk is by Enzo Mari. Right: The conference/dining table stands in front of filing cabinets from the 1930s.

Left: A mechanic's storage cabinet now holds kitchen utensils. The metal R is part of a collection of old signage. Right: Damaged sections of the original flooring have been repaired with riveted metal panels.

Design magazine editor and consultant Daniel Rozensztroch decided to conceive of his Paris office space, a former rug factory unchanged since 1840, as a second home as well as a work environment. With the help of a friend, architect Fran├žois Muracciole, Rozensztroch renovated the factory while carefully preserving the antique industrial look, keeping such details as the sloping parquet floors, trompe l'oeil paintings, and the moral maxims on the walls. With a minimum of furniture and plenty of natural light from the large windows, the result is a space that easily moves from work life to private life.

(Photos by Marie-Pierre Morel). Scanned from a late 1990s edition of Marie Claire Maison (sorry to be so vague about the date -- I'm working from a stack of files, the result of years of magazine clippings).
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