Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Woodsy Curves

Offi Magazine Stand of molded plywood by Eric Pfeiffer, from HiveModern.

Monsieur Dress Up by Anna Thomas, is a tailored collar, cuff,and pocket wall hanger set. From

Becca Stool by Modern Bamboo, that can be used for seating, storage, as a side table, or stacked to form dramatic shelving. at Relish Design.

The Coffee Cuff, made from reclaimed black walnut veneer. Wear it on your wrist until you get to the coffee shop, when you can use it as a coffee holder. From Veer (I've seen it at a few other e-shops as well).

Happy Storage

Love this cute Mela magazine holder by Anna Buechin, made of textured matte melamine with a high-gloss interior. Available at the Umbra Store.


ICON, or The Illustration Conference, is a non-profit organization of illustrators, established in 1998 to promote the use of illustration in all media. Every two years it brings together illustrators to discuss issues, hear inspiring guest speakers and take part in workshops. ICON5 will be held July 2-5, 2008 in New York City at the Roosevelt Hotel in midtown Manhattan. Registration for ICON5 is now open and can be done online, by fax, or via mail. More info here.

And 3x3 Magazine, a Gold Sponsor of this year's Illustration Conference, is putting together an illustrated guide for conference goers, with tips on good eats close by as well as near galleries, museums, and other illustrator haunts.
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