Thursday, April 17, 2008


Another assorted selection of what I've found interesting this week ... and hope you do, too. Happy browsing!

Paul Simonon: Painter

Legendary former Clash bass player Paul Simonon is also a painter -- an exhibition of his work opens today at the Thomas Williams Gallery in London. The show is based around the time he spent in Spain, and includes paintings done at the Las Ventos del Toro arena in Madrid, still lives, and nudes. Until the 9th May.

Carl Zimmer's Science Tattoo Emporium
One day Carl Zimmer wondered aloud if scientists have tattoos about science. They do, and on his website he posts what he's discovered so far. Curious and fascinating.

Pim's No-Knead Pain Au Levain
A variation on the no-knead bread craze caused by Jim Lahey and Mark Bittman's innovative technique -- this one's more akin to a French loaf rather than a sourdough one.

Bedside Tables
Fun little photo essay in the Guardian on what people keep on their bedside tables. Some expected, some not so expected items.

A Natural Manicure
Body + Soul explains how to give yourself a basic home manicure using natural products such as milk and almond oil.

One man's quest to find the perfect EBCB (eggs, bacon, chips and beans), that hearty English caff (café) classic. What started out as a fun little website has grown to include a book and forays into various magazine and newspaper articles, too. But the search continues ...

Catnip Eyeballs
Etsy seller hannapt makes catnip-filled eyeballs from recycled fabric and organic catnip. Fun for kitty, and funny for you, as you watch eyeballs rolling by on the floor. Via Cindy (thanks!).

Paradise is a Lie: A History of False Utopias
A tongue in cheek look at utopias gone wrong in film and fiction, on Via things magazine.

The groovy dining room shown above was shot by Amsterdam-based photographer Rene Mesman. Via Purple Area.

Wooster Collective

Love this street art shot by the Wooster Collective. Founded in 2001, The Wooster Collective is "... dedicated to showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world." Check back often, as there's always something new. Via boing boing.
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