Friday, April 04, 2008


Hope you have a lovely weekend. This beautiful image by the Paris-based artist Labokoff is called souviens, and it's a photograph digitally mixed with paint. There's just one print available, and it's for sale at Labokoff's Etsy shop.

Megan Baker

Megan Baker has been taking photographs ever since she got hold of a Polaroid camera at the tender age of four. Since then Megan has gone on to concentrate on concert photography, but recently she's spent time working on Decampment, a personal photography project which documents abandoned houses and small towns that have fallen on hard times (the image above is from this series). Oh yeah -- did I mention that Megan Baker is just sixteen years old? Blown away yet? You'll be even more so when you see the rest of her stunning work on her website here.

Society of Illustrators Advertising Show 2008

The 50th Annual Advertising, Institutional and Unpublished show opened last Friday at the Society of Illustrators in New York, and, from what I've heard, there's loads of brilliant work. Shown here is Jim Cohen's "American Wonder" bluegrass CD cover, which won him a Silver. The show runs until April 26 at the Society of Illustrators at 128 East 63rd Street (between Park and Lexington Avenues), New York.
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