Monday, March 31, 2008

Thrift Store Clothes Remixed

This stunning dress is entirely made out of thrift-store suit-coats. It's by London's Junky Styling, and, as Corey Doctorow (who took this photo) of Boing Boing writes: "Junky has a knack for taking the most generic, bulk-available charity shop clothes and layering and mixing them to make the most extraordinary things. I have an overcoat from there that's so cool that people stop me on the street and ask me where I got it. We always stop in on a Sunday to see what's new there, and we're never disappointed: one week it's a ballgown made from Kiehl's Pharmacy aprons, the next it's a scarf made from the sleeves of an otherwise unlovely suit-coat." More on this by Corey here.

English Eccentrics

Continuing with our theme of wild English creativity is a must read: English Eccentrics, written in 1933 by the very eccentric poet Dame Edith Sitwell. From the publisher's blurb: "...(I)nside we find hermits, quacks, mariners, indefatigable travelers, and men of learning. We meet the amphibious Lord Rokeby, whose beard reached his knees and who seldom left his bath; the irascible Captain Thicknesses, who left his right hand, to be cut off after his death, to his son Lord Audley; and Curricle Coats, the Gifted Amateur, whose suit was sewn with diamonds and whose every performance ended in uproar. This is a glorious gallery of the extremes of human nature, portrayed with humor, sympathy, knowledge, and love." And, I might add, a lot of fun to read, too. That's Sitwell on the cover, incidentally.

Eccentric English Style

Jo of the wonderful Desire to Inspire blog has a fun post on vintage 1970s interiors, featuring photos from English designer Mary Gilliatt's 1977 book How to Decorate Without a Decorator, A Realistic Guide to Interior Design. Wild stuff!
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