Monday, March 17, 2008

Archive: A Charming Retreat

In the living room of Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan's weekend retreat on Shelter Island, chocolate brown sofas are brightened with cushions and throws designed by Jonathan. A large oil by John Paul Philippe, posed casually against the wall, plays off the rug (also designed by Jonathan) and the green Albrizzi stool.

A quiet still life. The lamp and vases are by Jonathan, carefully placed with a sculpture by Harry Adler, Jonathan's father.

In the ground floor office, a Peruvian butterfly tapestry gives the room a playful focus. The table and chair are flea market finds, the rug and cushions are by Jonathan, and the day bed is by George Nelson.

Around the stove, a fun collection adds to the warmth. To the left, a Danish hanging ceramic sculpture from the 1960s floats above a yellow plastic-framed mirror and garden gnome. On the stove and the shelf at top right, vases by Jonathan.

The orange buffet is a flea market find. On top, a collection of vintage vases complements a painting by John Paul Philippe.

The guest room. The cushions and lamp were designed by Jonathan, the paintings are by John Paul Philippe.

Sheltered by a forest, the New York Hamptons weekend home of Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan is a peaceful retreat infused with a playful interpretation of 1950s style. Scanned from a 2000 edition of Marie Claire Maison. (Photos by Douglas Friedman)
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