Monday, March 03, 2008

Running Around in Circles

Playful circles to cheer up your Monday. Clockwise, from top left: Dandelion Lamp by Richard Hutten, POAA; Nina Messenger Handbag by Aster+Sage, 2Modern; sterling silver classic chain by Melissa Joy Manning, MJM Metal; Candy reversible wool blanket by Klippan, Fjorn Scandinavian; Art Glass Pendant Necklace with hand painted graphic design by BeeDazzlesGifts, Etsy; Borte wallpaper, Tapetenshop; Pompelmo Blouse by Anthropologie.

Groovy Circle Wall Art

This lovely brass plated steel Mo-bi-le-o by Kenneth Wingard is sold as a set of three solid discs and three circle discs, allowing you to arrange (and add to with more sets) in any configuration you like. Have a look here.

Crop Circles

These are a nice idea -- Crop Circles Mini Pocket Envelope Set with blank cardstock inserts. Available as a set of 12 from auntiescardshop on Etsy. Just the right size for tucking in your business card when sending a package, or as a tag on a gift, or as a little thank you note, too.

79 Years of Best Picture Winners

Movie Poster Addict has assembled the posters for all 79 years of the Best Picture winners. There's some fun design and illustration to see -- have a look here. Shown here, the poster for All About Eve from 1950. Via Design Observer.
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