Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bookshelf Special Edition: Ryland Peters and Small

Something a little different for today's Bookshelf - a visit with Ryland Peters and Small, a publisher specializing in staggeringly beautiful books on lifestyle, cookery and gardening. Clockwise from top left: Living Retro by Andrew Weaving; Bread: From Ciabatta to Rye by Linda Collister; Harmonious Home by Judith Wilson; Scandinavian Country by Magnus Englund and Chrystina Schmidt; Italian Vegetables by Maxine Clark; French Home Mini Address Book; At Home With White by Atlanta Bartlett; The Relaxed Home by Atlanta Bartlett (I have this one and love it); and Small Spaces by Rebecca Tanqueray. These are just a few of the many lovely books available - find more on their website here.


I've just discovered a charming blog devoted to the art of the bookplate: Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie by Lewis Jaffe. There's lots of beautiful examples (and histories) of this unique art form - right now he's having a look at Hollywood. Shown here is Greta Garbo's personal bookplate, designed in 1939 by A. Herry.

Happy Valentine's Day to You.

May you have a very happy Valentine's Day, whether it's with a loved one, friends and/or family, or simply enjoyed as your own little holiday to relax and indulge. Vernor Panton Heart Chair via HiveModern.
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