Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Paul Massey

Paul Massey began his distinguished photography career at the age of five, not only taking pictures but developing and printing the results, too. He hasn't looked back since, beginning with a professional career in news and features photography (recording major events such as the miners’ strike, the Lockerbie bombing and the fall of the Berlin wall) and having some hair-raising adventures along the way––he’s been shot at, chased by wild elephants, poisoned, and nearly drowned in a hurricane while covering a four-month transatlantic yacht race. His freelance career began in 1990, and concentrates on fashion and portraiture. Over the years he has received numerous awards for his work including winning the Ilford Features photographer of the year three times, British Picture Editor Feature Photographer of the year three times and many other single image awards. Shown here is some of his lifestyle photography––have a look at his website for more of his stunning work. Via the lovely Purple Area blog.
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