Friday, February 08, 2008


If you happen to pick up the Globe and Mail today, you'll find an illustration by me in the Facts and Arguments section, for an article by a (somewhat disgruntled) Bachelor of Arts grad, who feels that his degree has been more of a hindrance than a help in his efforts to become meaningfully employed. You can read the article (today only, though!) here.


A friend of mine just received some bad news from her doctor this week, so this weekend's picture is dedicated to her. She loves the sun and the sea, so here's a view of both on a terrace in Provence. Get well soon, Laura. (photo by John Bendtsen for Bo Bedre)

Lobby Cards

Vanity Fair has a slide show of the late screenwriter Leonard Schrader's secret collection of lobby cards, promotional posters that were used in movie theaters from the 1900s through to the 1960s. Have a look here. Read the related story, "Hollywood's Buried Treasures," by Peter Biskind here. Visit the website dedicated to Schrader's collection here. Love Buster Keaton - so great to see one of these posters of him! Via Design Observer.

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive

Just discovered the amazing ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive website via Design Observer. A must for illustrators, animators, designers ... and anyone else visual, for that matter. Here's a tiny example of what they have in their archives - mid 1930's advertisements from Colliers Magazine.

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