Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Deep Purple

Not the band, but the colour. Deep purple is VTWonen magazine's colour this week, in their regular feature Keurkalendar (Colour Calendar). I like the elusiveness of this shade -- it floats indefineably between the more usual dark brown or grey.

The Inspired Past of London Transport

The newly restored London Transport Museum reopens on Thursday, and the highlight will be its huge collection of posters and prints commissioned over the years by London Transport. The 1930s in particular was a golden age, with contributors such as Man Ray and Graham Sutherland designing Surrealist-influenced posters (which must have made taking the Tube a dream-like experience). More on the show in the IHT here. Be sure to check out the accompanying slide show, too. Shown above is a poster designed by Abram Games in 1937.
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