Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Imagined Spaces

Canadian artist Carl Zimmerman creates "architectural utopias, fictional ruins from fictional worlds." Reviewer Meredith Dault writes: "[Carl Zimmerman] makes photographs of imagined architectural spaces. He builds models, photographs them, and then digitally manipulates the photographs, creating vast, impossible spaces. Sepia-toned and laid out flat on tables in the gallery space, the photographs read, at first glance, like historical documents – they feel very much like 19th century architectural engravings – until you realize they can’t be because they’re all dated in the present. A closer look reveals that the buildings are set in huge, almost surreal, bleak landscapes – their titles want you to believe, however, that these buildings are plunked down in ordinary cities like Manchester and Leeds." Read the rest of her review here. Read an excellent article about Zimmerman on BLDGBLOG here. Via BLDGBLOG.

Shown here is Science Building, London, England, 2003, by Carl Zimmerman, from his series Landmarks of Industrial Britain.
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