Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Fairy Tale Feast

Each December 23 Sasha, a designer living in Zurich, invites his friends home for a holiday get together over mulled wine. But as you can see, Sasha does much more than spice the wine and put out a plate of nibbles — he creates an entire indoor winter wonderland for his friends to enjoy. You can see more photographs of Sasha's holiday decorating here, too. Via Côté Maison. (photography by Francesca Giovanelli)


Jane Flanagan said...

Wow - that looks like a fun party to be invited to! When I see things like this, I always resolve to make more of an effort when I entertain!

Apt. #34 said...

so lovely! It would match our winter wonderland perfectly right now. The french even do the holidays better :)

Lori Langille said...

Isn't it pretty? This post was a bit of a change of pace from all my recent Marie Claire Maison posts, as Sasha actually lives in Zurich, Switzerland — where they definitely know a thing or two about snow!


{this is glamorous} said...

Such a beautifully orchestrated party -- adore all the attention to detail, and the wintry colour palette.

Happy New Year!