Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Marimekko in Black and White

Urban landscapes were the inspiration for designer Maija Louekari's HetkiƤ/Moments latte cups.

Marjaana Virta's Kullervo pattern on a latte mug.

The pleasantly knobby Kirsikka latte mug by Iiro A. Ahokas.

Anna Danielsson's Fokus pattern is available in two colourways, bright red-white and black and white, which can also be combined.

Spent a bit of time happily browsing through the Marimekko site today, and found these black and white latte mug designs quite cool and appealing.


Holly Golightly said...

I´ve added your blog to my links.

It´s a pleasure.

Could you do the same? Thank you. A kiss

Jane Flanagan said...

Lovely! But I don't need them. I have to say that to myself over and over again as I browse blogs.

Jessie Cacciola said...

i love those urban landscape ones. i tend to gravitate to that aesthetic no matter what it's on.

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