Thursday, June 05, 2008


This week's gathering of links. Enjoy!

A fantastic idea. Blurb allows you to design and publish your own books, easily and with professional results. You start by downloading Blurb's free bookmaking software (Mac or PC), choose your format (the book size, hardcover or paperback) and then design your book. Next, Blurb helps you to share, promote and sell your masterpiece. Brilliant. Via sfgirlbybay.

How to Stay Visible at Fifty
Telegraph article on staying stylish after 50. I'm not there yet myself, but I still found it inspiring (and with good points for women of all ages, too). Via The Thoughtful Dresser.

Aya Brackett
The website of photographer Aya Brackett. Her still life photos are particularly lovely. Via Design for Mankind.

Rick Owens
Clothing designer with a romantic yet modern sensibility. I really fell for his draped, softly ruffled jackets from his autumn/winter 2008 collection. Lovely, lovely work. Via simply olive.

Why Typewriters Beat Computers
Neil Hallows of the BBC investigates why people continue to buy and use the typewriter, despite the ubiquitousness of the computer. Some interesting answers.

Dymaxion Man
The New Yorker's Elizabeth Kolbert has a fascinating article about the truly extraordinary Buckminster Fuller, famous for his geodesic dome design.

Now Showing
A new exhibition at the Cosh art gallery in London has an interesting premise -- it asked forty artists and designers to design a poster for their favourite film (famous or obscure) from scratch. Have a look here for more info and to see some of the posters, too. This sounds like a great show.

Mid Century Illustrated
A Flickr set of vintage illustrations and photos from the mid-20th century. Lots of very cool (and fun) stuff.

The lovely photo above is by Gemma Comas, discovered via Sweet Paul.


Rina said...

Hi Lori!, what a beautiful image, I love flowers. And thanks for all these links.

design for mankind. said...

Ooooh, great links! Thank you, Lori! :)

And thanks for the mention! Eek!

Erin said...

the typewriter DOES beat the computer! but still, I gave mine up because i had so much trouble getting it serviced. :(

Thanks for the fabulous links!

Jane Flanagan said...

I love Aya Brackett's work too. I love her name too... it's somewhat Dickensian!

Lori Langille said...

Thanks so much everybody! It's great to hear you appreciate my (at times oddball) interests in these Buffet link lists!


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