Thursday, May 01, 2008

Armchair Traveler: Morocco

Welcome to a new series on automatism! The Armchair Traveler will feature photos from my archive (or other sources) that capture moments of beauty from around the world. Today it's a man from D'el Kelaa in southern Morocco, a village famed for its damask roses, preparing the rose petals that will eventually be used in essential oils, lotions, and other beauty products. He must smell wonderful at the end of the day. Which reminds me ... now that the Body Shop is no longer carrying Damask Rose perfume oil, I'll need to find another source. Any recommendations? (photo by BĂ©atrice Chauvin, for Marie Claire Maison)


Carolina Eclectic said...

This is an amazing photo. I love the idea of Armchair Traveling.

stacy said...

I am looking forward to this, the photo is beautiful.

Lori Langille said...

Thanks so much, guys!