Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Archive: Medieval Modern

Jacqueline Morabito's renovated 16th century farmhouse in the south of France is a happy blend of the medieval and the modern. Here in the bedroom, a simply dressed 18th century Neopolitan bed contributes to the mood of lightness and serenity. A simple window treatment of linen panels adds an easygoing touch.

A montage of Jacqueline's home.

In the main living area, the six meter wide fireplace is the central focus of the room. The modern glass doors and window have been set into existing openings.

A conceptual art piece of floating boxes adds a note of architectural interest to a hallway.

Jacqueline Morabito's collaboration with architect Yves Bayard resulted in a sensitive renovation of her 16th century farmhouse in the south of France. Carefully retaining the existing walls, the pair ended up with a home that respects the spare lines of the original structure yet looks surprisingly modern. Jacqueline's deliberate use of white for all the rooms allows the nuances of the light to be fully appreciated as it changes through the course of the day. Scanned from a late 1990s edition of Maison Marie Claire.


design for mankind. said...

I lOOOOOVE the last photo. Yum.

raining sheep said...

Absolutely beautiful use of white, in all its manifestations.

dianamuse said...

A delish post.

So, might we call this med-mod?

Lori Langille said...

design for mankind: Isn't it lovely? Almost an abstract image, don't you think?

raining sheep: Definitely agree! The white seems to breathe, rather than serve as a neutral background.

dianamuse: Ha ha! Yes! Love med-mod!


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