Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Archive: Art From Nature

1. Dried chestnut leaf. 2. Bracket mushrooms. 3. Bouquet of cinnamon seeds. 4. Partly dried leaf. 5. Dried banksia leaf.

6. Long dried pods. 7 & 8. Artichoke hearts. 9. Skeleton leaf.

1. A row of dried lotus flowers opened to display their seeds. 2. Dried lotus leaf. 3. Bracket mushroom. 4. Exotic seed. 5. Sticks of wood charcoal. 6. Bouquet of lotus flowers. 7. Branches of lancelot, with thorns stripped 8. Estrella cloves. 9. Small sponges. 10. Dried leaf.

12. Dried coconut leaf. 13. Cinnamon bark. 14. Dried gourd. 15. Mushrooms.

A beautifully photographed feature on humble dried pods, leaves and bark, delicately displayed in shadow boxes like works of art. Excuse my rough translations of what these are exactly -- my French isn't the best. Wonky descriptions aside, I hope that you'll find these as lovely and inspiring as I do. (from a mid-90s edition of Maison Marie Claire, styled by Domenica More Gordon, photos by Simon Wheeler)


Mallinkowa said...

Thank you for the selection. Really interesting things. :)

Domenica MG said...

So glad you like my work...I was asked by Elle Decoration to do an article . I had just come back from Los Angeles at the time and had collected pods and seeds and dried leaves off the sidewalk whilst there ,and they became the inspiration for this piece. Simon Wheeler is one of my favorite photographers.Thanks for the credit it's not often that people rermember.
Domenica More Gordon

Lori Langille said...

Hi Domenica,

So lovely to hear from you! You are very welcome for the credit -- as a working illustrator I appreciate how important a credit is, and try to do so if and when I can. Your own work is just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing the background of this piece -- it gives a whole new dimension to it.


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