Thursday, February 28, 2008

Archive - Ted Muehling

The library, off the main hallway and opposite the dining area. The shelves are simple planks fixed into the wall with invisible brackets. The ladder is a flea market find, and the chaise longue is by Paul McCobb.

The salon. On the mantelpiece is a collection of marine-themed objects such as coral, driftwood, shells, and an antique tortoiseshell. The Chinese cabinet and the chair by the fireplace are both flea market finds. The miniature chair is by Michèle Oka Doner, and the lamp on the cabinet is by Ingo Maurer.

Two views of the dining area. In the top right you can see the bedroom, discreetly screened off with with a curtain. The entire apartment is painted with a soft neutral that subtly changes colour with the light throughout the day, shifting between almond green, porcelain blue, and flannel grey.

The bedroom. The bedside tables are African stools, and Ted's shirts, hung on pegs, serve as a practical form of wall decoration.

The kitchen. The shelving is simplicity itself, and the meter in the wall becomes as much a display as the pottery on the shelf below.

Is is possible to have a crush on someone's home? Ted Muehling's elegantly modern New York apartment, featured here in an issue of Maison Française in the late 1990s, was for years a huge inspiration for me. To me, it's still lovely. (Photos by Christophe Kicherer)


Joanna Goddard said...

SO beautiful. i'm downloading these for the inspiration journal... xo

Lori Langille said...

That's great! Glad you find it as lovely as I do!



Hello Fellow Canadian! I'm so glad to meet you here. I am reading your blog and loving it. See you again real soon!

Lori Langille said...

Thanks for visiting!


Milk Woman said...

Great blog! Will be checking it for updates!

Jose said...

hi, i couldn't make out the copy in the kitchen photo. does it mention where the black drawer on the left hand side is from? would you mind printing that here? thanks! jose & ana

automatism said...

Hi Jose! It's going to take me a day or so to find the originals of the scans you see here — once I do, I'll post the info here for you.

Thanks so much for visiting!

Jose said...

thanks for your help!

victoria thorne said...

just happened upon this. it IS magic. thanks.

automatism said...

So glad you love this one too, Victoria! This post is the most popular one ever on automatism — it really is a classic interior!