Thursday, May 10, 2007

Virtual Shoe Museum

The Virtual Shoe Museum is home to many wild and wonderful kinds of footwear, from playful to esoteric to simply indescribable. Shown here in action are TubeBird boots by Eelko Moorer. No more boring subway (or bus) rides! Via designboom.

Work as Leisure

Interesting article by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt (the authors of “Freakonomics”) in the New York Times today. They discuss the phenomenon of work as leisure: "On a more personal note: one of the authors of this column has a sister who runs a thriving yarn store, while the other is married to a knitting devotee who might buy $40 worth of yarn for a single scarf and then spend 10 hours knitting it. Even if her labor is valued at only $10 an hour, the scarf costs at least $140 — or roughly $100 more than a similar machine-made scarf might cost." I think it's the satisfaction of creating that plays a big part in why people choose to do or make things they can have done by someone else. Read the article here. There's a Freakanomics blog, too.
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