Thursday, March 15, 2007

Artists Look Different

"These two pictures represent the eye motions of two viewers as they scan a work of art with the goal of remembering it later. One of them is a trained artist, and the other is a trained psychologist. Can you tell which is which?" Read the rest of this intriguing article by Dave Munger on the Cognitive Daily blog. Via the Kottke blog.

Clutch Show

Clutch has a show next month at Timothy's Coffee Shop at 541 Sussex Drive. The theme is Spring, and it runs for the entire month of April. I won't be showing this time around, but the lovely and talented Jan Soetermans will be filling in as guest artist, joining regulars Clare Brennan, Alain Brunet, Jim Kohan and Michael Zavacky. A vernissage is in the works--I'll post details once I find out.
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