Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rauschenberg Show

There's an amazing Robert Rauschenberg show on until March 17 at the Jonathan O'Hara Gallery in New York, featuring 44 of Rauschenberg's transfer drawings from the '60's. Read the New York Times review of the show by Roberta Smith here. Wish I could see it...hope there's a catalog available outside the exhibition. The drawing on the left, from 1969, references the U.S. space program.

Update: I emailed the Jonathan O'Hara Gallery on Wednesday night for more info on the catalog. I got a friendly email first thing Thursday morning with the details: it's a hard cover with 71 pages, features 42 out of the 44 drawings in the show reproduced in color, and it's still available. It costs $20 US (with an additional $11.50 charge for shipping and handling to Canada), payable by cash or cheque. I've just ordered a copy! If you're interested in getting one too, email the gallery at info@johg.com.

March 23, 2007 Update: Received the catalog today, delivered by Canada Post. It's great.
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