Friday, January 19, 2007

OYO and LaCie Huby

Lately I've been researching USB hubs, trying to find one that not only works well but looks good, too. I'm quite taken with this, the OYO multiplug USB (left), which is small, elegantly simple in design and has three USB sockets––perfect for me. Sadly, though, it's only available in Europe (though Lexon, the French company that makes the OYO, will ship overseas––for more than the cost of the OYO, unfortunately). My other possibility is the LaCie Huby USB and Firewire Hub (right), which looks rather like a vase of robotic flowers. Very cool, though it would have a bigger footprint on my desk space than the OYO. Stay tuned...

Update: Craig of Lexon USA was kind enough to respond to my above post and let me know that the OYO is available in Canada and the Americas here.