Monday, October 30, 2006

2010 Advertising Rates

Hello! The automatism blog is where I share what I find inspiring, interesting or simply beautiful in decor, the visual arts, design, literature and more. Automatism readers are interesting and creative people, with a true appreciation for great design. If this sounds like the kind of audience and exposure you'd love to connect with, read on!

Getting an ad on automatism is simple. The rate is $25.00 (Canadian) per month for a 160 pixel wide x 60 pixel high ad, like the one here:

I accept payment through PayPal. Once you've paid (and supplied your ad), up you go! For first time sponsors who book an ad mid-month, you are eligible to have the rest of that month free, with your paying ad beginning on the following month (i.e. if you book an ad on January 15, you'll have the rest of January for no charge, as your paid month will begin on February 1). New sponsors will have a launch at the beginning of the (paid) month, introducing you to automatism readers. And for each month you renew your ad, you'll have the opportunity to participate in a Sponsor Spotlight around the middle of the month, which highlights a new item or event that you'd like to feature (i.e. a new line of cards in your shop, or if you're in an art show). If you're interested, email me and we'll get started!

If you'd like to book your ad for more than a month at a time, I offer the following ad runs at a discount:

3 months: 5% discount ($75.00 less $3.75 — your total cost is now $71.25)
6 months: 10% discount ($150.00 less $15.00 — your total cost is now $135.00)
1 year: 15% discount ($300 less $45.00 — your total cost is now $255.00)

Please note that I am only able to accept files in the following formats: JPEG and GIF. There are no additional fees for Animated GIF ads. Animated GIF ads should be no more than 50K in size, so that they can load quickly and easily for viewers.

I'm pleased to announce that I am now offering a larger format square ad measuring 160 pixels wide x 160 pixels high, at a rate of $50.00 (Canadian) per month. This size is also eligible for a discount if it's run for 3 or more months in a row:

3 months: 5% discount ($150.00 less $7.50 — your total cost is now $142.50)
6 months: 10% discount ($300.00 less $30.00 — your total cost is now $270.00)
1 year: 15% discount ($600 less $90.00 — your total cost is now $510.00)

And for those who have inquired about this before, I am now accepting carefully selected text-only (text links) ads if they are of particular interest to automatism readers. Text-only ads appear below all other ad banners. Their size is a maximum of 30 characters per headline and a maximum of 50 characters per description, with a rate of $15.00 (Canadian) per month. Please note that text-only ads are not eligible for ad launch or Sponsor Spotlight posts.

Thanks so much for considering advertising on automatism — have a lovely day!

P.S. If you're new to advertising online and would like to learn more, I highly recommend the fantastic Advertising 101 For Small Business Owners by Design*Sponge.

Hallowe'en Postcard

This is a Hallowe'en email promo that I sent out to various clients and friends last year. As I didn't have a blog then, you get to see it now...

David Carson

For some reason it's only now that I've thought to look for the website of David Carson, the iconic (and much imitated) designer. I picked up his book (at left), The End of Print, years ago, and I still find it the most open and liberating take on design around--ten minutes of flipping through and any creative block you have is completely gone, as you find yourself radically rethinking your design preconceptions. These days he's as busy as ever, working, lecturing, traveling, and getting new generations excited about visual design. Check out his website here.

What's in a Credit Roll?

Article on how the design of film credits is increasingly being done by independent graphic designers, as film companies try to capture a more contemporary feel to their films. The recent film Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola (and her earlier film, Lost in Translation, both with credits by designer Peter Miles) is one example, but it's not a new trend--brilliant freelance designer Saul Bass is known for his iconic credits thanks to the enlightened support of Hitchcock and Preminger. Read the rest of the article here. There's a slide show, too.
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