Monday, August 21, 2006

Clarity in a World of Cluttered Information

An article about Edward Tufte, professor emeritus at Yale University (where he taught statistical evidence, analytical design and political economy), and his newest book, Beautiful Evidence, described as ". . . the product of nine years of research and writing. Tufte applies many of his ideas about good - and bad - information design to the presentation of evidence, which he defines as 'information used to explain something accurately.'" Some fascinating insights into the organizing of visual information, with examples as diverse as Powerpoint (which gets a bad grade) to Pierre Boucher's design of a 1947 skiing manual, How to Ski by the French Method, written by Émile Allais, with photographs of ski experts in action with black and red line drawings, showing how a skier should respond to different grades of slope, which gets a good grade.
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