Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Now Everyone's an Artist

"London's contemporary art behemoth, Tate Modern, is sponsoring a photographic exhibition to which amateurs are actively encouraged to contribute." Read Kate Burt's Guardian Unlimited article here.

Andrew was telling me about a CBC radio story he heard earlier this week, discussing how the rise of Flickr, YouTube and MySpace have done serious damage to the editorial photography industry. A New York stock photographer profiled on the program saw his income gradually halved over the last five years, due to the increased use of cheap downloads.

50 Ways to Become a Better Designer

Or, a better illustrator. Or any professional creative, for that matter. Read here for insights from leading designers.

Canadian Museums Endangered

A worrying story from the CBC. "Canada is in danger of losing several of its museums because of a funding freeze that has lasted 34 years, says the Canadian Museums Association."
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