Thursday, July 13, 2006

Paint Like Pollock On Your Computer!

This is an utterly cool website. Have fun, and don't forget to click your mouse occasionally to change your paint colour!

Is a Scent Like a Song?

Interesting story in the New York Times by Elaine Sciolino about the move in France to consider "noses" in perfumeries as artists rather than artisans. "The distinction is not an abstraction. Legally, it is more about money than about art. At stake are potential royalties for perfume makers (a k a noses) and profits and protection for manufacturers during the life of a fragrance."

With all the difficulties facing illustrators and other creatives these days, it's interesting to hear about similar debates in other creative fields.

Musée du Quai Branly: Brow-Slappingly Wrongheaded

Interesting article by Michael Kimmelman about the uproar over the new Musée du Quai Branly in Paris. From all accounts so far, it's a bit of a mess. Kimmelman at one point says, "If the Marx Brothers designed a museum for non-European cultures, they might have come up with the permanent-collection galleries: Devised as a spooky jungle, red and black and murky, the objects in it chosen and arranged with hardly any discernible logic, the place is briefly thrilling, as spectacle, but brow-slappingly wrongheaded."
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