Monday, July 10, 2006

The Museum Will Be Podcast

"Thanks to podcasting, it's becoming as easy to download a museum visit onto a portable digital audio player as it is a pop tune. And museums, realizing this is a way to reach a younger generation of potential patrons, are racing to get involved. They are making their in-house audio tours of special exhibits, as well as original programming, available on their websites for free use on iPods and other MP3 players. And art lovers can listen through their home computers as well. There's even a newly coined term for the phenomenon - 'artcasting'." Read the rest of Steven Rosen's Denver Post article here.

Some museum podcast links:

The Museum of Modern Art
Victoria and Albert Museum
Delta Blues Museum


It's a hot and muggy day today, and therefore a perfect day to be at the lake. This is a photo I took of the canoe while we were there last summer. I'm particularly happy with the way the reflected clouds in the water turned out.
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