Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Portrait Gallery Project Stalled

"You would think that the proposed Portrait Gallery of Canada would be a project that a Conservative government would love: no difficult art, no greased cones or high-concept videos -- just a stirring assemblage of Great Canadians, and those who've come under the scrutiny of Great Canadian portraitists. Just a big, accessible gathering of 17th-century first-nations chiefs, Sir Joshua Reynolds's depictions of stern military heroes, and photographs from Karsh to a haunting Bryan Adams image of jazz singer Diana Krall. And all this in a new gallery based around the former U.S. embassy at 100 Wellington St. across from Parliament Hill." Read the rest of Val Ross's Globe and Mail article here.

Sadly, the fight goes on for Canadian culture.

Honest When Watched

Apparently simple photocopies of eyes on the wall make people behave honestly, even when alone in the room.

"Eyes are known to be a powerful perceptual signal for humans. People behave more cooperatively when they are being 'watched' by a cute image of a robot or even abstract 'eye spots' on a computer screen. But this is the first time anyone has observed the effect in a natural situation, with people using their own money. It could have far-reaching implications." Read the rest of the New Scientist article here.

Will being surrounded by portraits make you a better person, I wonder?
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