Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dr Lakra

"Dr Lakra is more of a Vincent Price, Hammer Horror doctor than a medical one. This Mexican artist is fascinated by the macabre. He works on found images and objects, transforming them with drawings into tattooed ladies and little voodoo toys." See a review (and photos) of his current show at London's Kate MacGarry gallery on the BBC's Collective website. More of his work can be seen on the Saatchi website, too.

The Logic Alphabet

"In 1953, while working a hotel switchboard, a college graduate named Shea Zellweger began a journey of wonder and obsession that would eventually lead to the invention of a radically new notation for logic. From a basement in Ohio, guided literally by his dreams and his innate love of pattern, Zellweger developed an extraordinary visual system - called the "Logic Alphabet" - in which a group of specially designed letter-shapes can be manipulated like puzzles to reveal the geometrical patterns underpinning logic." Read the rest of Christine Wertheim's article here.


"A museum visitor who tripped and smashed three 17th-century Chinese porcelain vases will not face criminal damage charges."
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