Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Clear Toaster

Elium Studio has created a clear toaster, which allows you to watch your slice of Wonder bread turn golden brown as you wait. Making morning toast can now feel like a scene from the movie 2001...

Illustration Growers of America

The Illustration Growers of America was formed nearly two years ago to promote the use of commissioned illustration rather than stock by art directors and designers. Now it looks like all their hard work has paid off, as today they were happy to announce that an ad from their campaign, featuring the work of Canadian illustrator Gary Taxali, has been nominated on the shortlist to receive the prestigious Lion Award at this year's Cannes Lions Festival. Final awards will be announced this Thursday. Hope they win.

Now She Has Their Attention

"An amateur 20-year-old who posted homemade videos to YouTube was signed to a network production deal last week. 'Major TV studios have also started trolling YouTube and similar destinations for the next generation of acting and directing talent. In the process, the Web is offering the kind of instant connection to Hollywood that countless denizens of public-access talk shows have craved and seldom received.'" Read all about Brooke Brodac's surprising success story here.

My Life as a Sitting Duck

"Can one really be both critic and artist, and do the skills of one inform or undermine the other? Matthew Collings is both, and the one bumps into the other..." as he discusses in an essay in the Times Online.
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