Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Technology Doesn't Solve Everything

Good article by John Jerney, a San Francisco-based writer whose Silicon Valley news column appears in the Japanese paper Daily Yomiuri. In it he discusses the pitfalls of assuming that technology is a cureall for the problem of copyright. With the US Orphan Works Act moving closer to being approved, it's a good wake up call to the illustrators, photographers, and other creative professionals who still assume that they won't be affected. Unless more changes are made, you will. More info on the background to the Orphan Works issue and what it means for creatives can be found on the Illustrators Partnership of America's website, where they have a resource page for artists, as well as on the Graphic Artists Guild website.

New Yorker Cartoons 24/7

The New Yorker has launched the Cartoon Network on their site (link is on the main page, about halfway down), which allows you to view a new cartoon every 30 seconds in a handy little pop up window that floats nicely beside your working window. Cheerful.
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