Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tomorrow's Worlds

"In the 1960s, architects thought their designs for future cities were pretty far out. But for truly radical visions, look to film directors, says Jonathan Glancey." Read Glancey's Guardian essay here. That's a still from Fritz Lang's visually stunning 1926 film Metropolis on the left.

Age Before Beauty

"On February 21st, Malcolm Gladwell gave a talk about the phenomenon of prodigies and late bloomers in art. The event was part of the New Yorker Nights, a series hosted by the Columbia University Arts Initiative and The New Yorker. " Listen to the talk on the New Yorker website here.

Microsoft Redesigns the iPod

A short video created in-house by real Microsoft employees. Funny, but I'm picturing a team of deeply embittered designers...

Bad design hurts.
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