Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Varoom Magazine

There's a brand new illustration magazine out, called Varoom: The Journal of Illustration and Made Images. The blurb on the London-based Association of Illustrators website (who publish it) sounds good, as does the impressive lineup of featured illustrators for its first issue. Looking forward to seeing it, and hope it does well, too. The striking cover illo by Sam Weber is certainly a great start.

The Roots of Modernism

"The world was in disarray, shattered by the first world war and heading into a second. Out of this chaos came the modernists - a group of utopian designers with thrilling new visions of what the future could hold. But was anyone ready for this brave new world? Robert Hughes introduces the key players of modernism - and discovers how many of their dreams still survive." Read his essay in the Guardian here. That's Aalva Aalto's Paimio chair on the left, incidentally.

Website: TypeCulture.com

TypeCulture describe themselves as "an independent digital type foundry and academic resource." Worth checking out not just for some good type design, but for all the interesting stuff they have on the site about the history of type, too. I found the (downloadable PDF) Punch Cuts, an article by Nick Shinn on the evolution of Punch magazine's cover design, a particularly good read.
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