Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Finding Memory in Modern Art

"Irene Copeland Brenton, 73, one of the visitors to the (Museum of Modern Art) on that Tuesday, suffers from a kind of Alzheimer's that has made it very difficult for her to read and to find the right words to say. But in front of the Wyeth and later the Rousseau, she was almost loquacious. Her husband, Myron, said that while specific memories of the museum might evaporate, she seemed to retain a kind of emotional memory long after the visit ended." Read the rest of Randy Kennedy's New York Times article here.

Dwell Magazine

One of my absolute favourite magazines. This month's issue has a great cover article on living large in small spaces, featuring some really clever and inventive solutions. Modern design for everyone.

Penguin Book Design by Germano Facetti

"Germano Facetti' covers for Penguin, where he was art director from 1961 to 1972, gave an extraordinary unity and unmatched visual impact to a publisher already regarded by readers as a vital part of British cultural life." Facetti also had an exemplary attitude towards design: "It is much more important that Penguin has established a high standard throughout, rather than swinging from good to bad, cover to cover, as almost all other publishers do." Read the rest of Rick Poynor's article about Facetti here.

Stunning work in the gallery of cover designs.
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