Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Discreet Music

Not only the name of a classic ambient sound album by Brian Eno, but a good description of the Drone Zone on Soma FM, a wonderful listener-supported, commercial free, San Francisco-based online radio station. There's lots of other great genres to be found on Soma FM, too. Have a listen here. Perfect music to work with in the background, when you want to get in the zone.

Room Service

This is the result of playing around with a few elements from an illustration I did for a Globe and Mail article a while ago. It's still somewhat unfinished, but you can see the idea. Basically, I liked the little feet on the entrées, and went from there . . .

Roy Kuhlman's Grove Covers

During the '50's and '60's Roy Kuhlman designed over 700 book covers for Grove Press, publishers of some of the most important literature of the twentieth century. Kuhlman worked in an abstract expressionist style, creating visual equivalents to the work of Samuel Beckett, Simone de Beauvoir, Jean Genet, Eugene Ionesco and many others. Barbara Rietschel and Jean Dahlgren have an interesting article in Voice, the AIGA journal, on Kuhlman's work for Grove Press (plus some beautiful cover samples). You can read more here.

I was particularly pleased to come across this article, as for years I've admired Kuhlman's work when I've stumbled across it in used bookstores. Fortunately Grove built their books to last (unlike today's publishers), so we can still enjoy his work, even when it's a bit dog-eared and worn.
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