Friday, May 05, 2006


Clutch is an art collective, consisting of Clare Brennan (who thought up the whole Clutch idea), Alain Brunet, Jim Kohan, Michael Zavacky (Zeke) and myself. We've been having shows on a common theme at various venues (mostly places with good food) over the last five years. You can view work from our shows on the official Clutch website.

The work shown above is a piece I created for the Fish show at the Shanghai Restaurant. I started with an octopus engraving from an old Victorian textbook on zoology (xeroxed at different sizes), added bits from an old Chinese martial arts comic book, some random bits of text (also from the zoology textbook), plus tracing paper to make some areas softer. Then I spent quite a lot of time cutting, moving things around, and pasting. One of the things I was interested in with this particular work was contasting the natural yellowed colour of the comic book with the bright white of the xerox paper and background watercolour paper. I drew the little rice bowl (a running theme through all of my pieces for the Shanghai show) on tracing paper so it would float over the background elements.

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ming said...

have you heard of

someone asked me to check out your site, said your art was good.

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