Friday, September 04, 2015


Happy weekend! Hope it's a lovely one. It's going to be a working weekend for me here, but there'll be some movies and fun, too. Enjoy.

(photo via here)

Small and Stylish

Perfect on the outside, their first viewing of the inside of this pretty Gotland home was a bit of a shock for Karin Nilsson and Kristoffer Green — it was a terrifying ode to all that was bad in 80's decor, with sad floral wallpaper, yellowed pine and a bright orange bathroom. Karen and Kristoffer bought it anyway. They opened up the space by taking  out a few interior walls and went with a simple palette of black and white with natural materials. The result that their small home feel as spacious as it is lovely. More here on Lantliv.

(photography by carina olander)


Think outside the box. Love this old french press repurposed as a terrarium — how to here.

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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Sweetness and Light

Love the soft light and tranquil air of this space — so lovely.

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This week's links. Enjoy.

Peter Som's New York City Apartment
Take a tour over at Lonny Magazine of fashion designer Peter Som's elegant space in New York. Gorgeous.

An Appreciation of Germaine Tailleferre
BBC Radio 3 has a lovely series celebrating women composers — listen in to find out more about the life and works of Germaine Tailleferre, the only woman member of the French modernist composers' group Les Six.

Not Just Any White Shirt
Fascinating history of Charvet, since 1838 the French shirtmaker to princes and presidents.

Why Sketchbooks Still Rule in a Digital World
Lovely post by Michael Kilkelly for ArchDaily on the pleasures and tangible benefits of keeping a physical sketchbook, as opposed to using an iPad app or other digital device (though he is no technophobe). 

An Ode to Mid Century Modern Motels
Wonderful photo series by Mark Havens chronicling New Jersey's Wildwood, which has one of the highest concentrations of mid century modern hospitality architecture in the USA — and has a look described as Las Vegas meets Coney Island. Thanks to Andrew for the link.

Close Up Photos of Dior's Fall 2015 Couture
Photographer Isabel Martinez shares her more personal take of the elaborate Fall 2015 Couture show at Dior.

The IKEA Catalogue Review
I love this. German literary critic Hellmuth Karasek reviews the new IKEA catalogue.

Five Vegetarian Grain Bowls
Ease into fall with these 5 delectable recipes for veggie grain bowls, modeled after classic dishes from around the world: Italian-style polenta, Tex-Mex burrito, Indian curry, Middle Eastern rice and lentil mujadara, and Asian kimchi with rice.

(photo by raymond meier for ad magazine france)

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morning light

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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Moments of Beauty

Sometimes, even the most casual movement can be breathtakingly beautiful.

(photo: kowtow clothing via sin título

Soft Tones in Prague

This beautiful open plan Prague apartment by interior designer Anton Medvedev features a palette of soft greys, greige and white, while the exposed brick and washed oak flooring add texture and contrast. Great mix of traditional, industrial and modern — love those kitchen cabinets. More here.

(via trendland)

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Simple Pleasures

Baking. I don't really bake at all during the summer, so when the weather turns cooler it's such a pleasure to have a warm kitchen filled with delectable aromas. This Chocolate and Olive Oil Cake by Diana Henry sounds like the perfect way to greet the start of autumn.

(photo by william lingwood)

A Loft With a View

With its breathtaking views of Table Mountain and fantastic collection of art and furniture from a three year stay in New Delhi, the Cape Town home of Casey Embden and Dan Berkowitz is a stunning space both within and without. Love its energy. More here on vtwonen.

(photography by warren heath)

Atelier: Joshua Osborn

Today I'm admiring this beautiful fashion illustration by Joshua Osborn for Jil Sander's spring/summer 2016 collection. Lovely fluid line, enlivened with textured washes of colour.

(via cinema godard)

Monday, August 31, 2015


A calm Dutch living room to start your week gently. Have a lovely one.

(photo by paulina arcklin via my domaine)

Simple Elegance

Designed as a retreat from city life and a busy life as an independent lawyer, the serene Paris apartment of Caroline Delaudes is all about elegant restraint, with interesting antique finds used to great effect. Lovely. More here on Interiørmagasinet.

(photography by mikkel russel)

Friday, August 28, 2015


Happy weekend! Hope it's a lovely one. Looking forward to a visit to the Art Gallery here — enjoy your own.

(photo via arkpad)

Malibu Chic

Interior designer Vanessa Alexander intriguingly describes her Malibu home as 'classic Georgian' meets 'unauthentic Tuscan' meets 'Balinese'. But these disparate influences come together in the most natural way here, resulting in a relaxed space with lots of personality. Wonderful. More photos here at My Domaine.

(photography by tessa neustadt)
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